Hacked By ColdHackers

   Hacked By ColdHackers   

Erdogan is a vampire of human killers, we are curse...

Our President, Our People, Our Politicians and Prisoners

Bu The AKP government, Erdogan Dais is working agreement with the soot and Russia with Putin to entice Syria rojav a certain share take on the human killing, ─░dlib'te organizations for you, we're on notice, is trying to turkiyede do not have these tools,

No way to stay next to the side of the fire and they will oil.

These people will not leave these things as unrelated to those who do this, the ones who do not pay attention to the steps of waste.

We will always be in their niches until they are asked

No one can not play this game with Dignity and pride of honor, we will not be able to play it

We'll be on the back of the cribs.

Those who believe themselves in the mind of the victim in tc devleti cruelty and torture, all the revelation

Keep in mind that you can not be everything you can not say, as the Kurds of Kurd, we'll oil up and ask for their Account.

date will take account of everything




ColdH ackers

Hacked By ColdHackers